The pastor for BIC is Kristin Lødøen Hope but is currently on leave.

You may contact

Chairperson Grete Helene Skouverøe
Secretary Mou Aspenes
Deacon Astrid Fylling
Pastor Arnulf Sandvik

Bergen Internasjonale Menighet, St.Markus Kirke, Lien 45, 5057, Bergen; Office: 55 30 81 30

Your support is highly appreciated. Support us: 3624.63.29561

Our services are held on Sundays at 1600hrs

We meet at St.Markus basement, except when notified otherwise

Forthcoming Worship Services: 1600hrs

8th July: Worship Sunday

22nd July: Worship Sunday

5th August: Worship Service

12th August: Worship Service

16th September: Worship Service

30th September: Worship Service

We also have joint services with Løvstakksiden at 1100hrs

Forthcoming International Joint Services

9th September is an outdoor service at Løvstien AMFI

16th December is at St. Markus

25th December at Solheim Church