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Helhet gjennom Kristus, Norway (HgK) and Bergen Internasjonale Menighet (BIM) invites you to Freed to Live Seminar where the teaching centralize on what God can do for us in our lives. God wants to restore our lives in all three directions, upwards, inwards and outwards. This short seminar is an introduction seminar to the “Freed to Live” seminar and will focus on the following subject:

  • Our Awesome God of Today
  • Freedom from Bondages and Healing of Wounds
  • The Divine Power of Forgiveness
  • The Struggle between darkness and Light
  • The Holy Spirit – Our Daily Helper
  • Follow Jesus – Our Provider
  • Blessing and Anointing
The VMTC seminars and teachings are based on Luke 4. 18 and Heb. 12.8.

A light Lunch and seminar notes will be provided at the seminar. The cost of the seminar will be covered by an offering at the end. For registration send an e-mail to: magne.bjorkhaug@gmail.com

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Come and fellowship with people from different parts of the world at St.Markus

Thank you all for a colourful Sunday! BIC wishes all a blessed summer holiday!

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Our services are held on Sundays at 1600hrs

We meet at St.Markus basement, except when notified otherwise

Forthcoming Worship Services: 1600hrs

8th July: Worship Sunday

22nd July: Worship Sunday

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30th September: Worship Service

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9th September is an outdoor service at Løvstien AMFI

16th December is at St. Markus

25th December at Solheim Church